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Child custody cases require the knowledge and skill of an experienced Flagstaff, Arizona child custody lawyer who is accomplished in the field. Our Flagstaff child custody attorney, Christopher Christiansen, is exactly that and provides solutions for parents who simply want the best for their children, and are committed to fostering a positive outcome in their case.


Your time with your child is invaluable; at Christiansen Law, PLLC, we will protect it. Not only will we work tirelessly to protect our clients’ parental rights, but we will also serve their children’s interests as well. Flagstaff child custody attorneys at Christopher Christiansen are equally comfortable in achieving your child custody goals through either child custody mediation or child custody litigation in any Arizona court.


When parents separate or get a divorce, their children are affected in many different ways. There are some factors to consider when determining child custody in Arizona. Our family law attorneys experienced child custody lawyer can help determine if specific factors will have a role in determining child custody in the state of Arizona.


Many aspects of your child’s care are up for negotiation during the divorce process, and when it comes to custody the issues fall into broad categories of legal custody and physical custody. As your child custody lawyers, counselors, and representatives, we strive to help you achieve the results you seek. The following are possible legal and physical custody arrangements:


Sole physical custody – This may be sought in cases in which your ex-spouse is a danger to your child, such as when the spouse has been abusive or neglectful or has substance abuse issues. I can petition to grant you full physical custody with limited or no visitation rights for the other parent.


Joint physical custody – This allows the child to split his or her time between parents. I would be happy to discuss the many arrangements that are possible when parents seek joint custody of their child.


Sole legal custody – If one parent is deemed unfit or is absent from the child’s life, the court may grant full decision-making authority to one parent.


Joint legal custody – The preferred custody arrangement in Flagstaff, AZ is one in which both parents share decision-making responsibility for their child. Under this arrangement, both parents have the authority to make important decisions regarding their child’s upbringing, including decisions about education, major medical care, religion, and more.

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