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Child Custody Lawyers will tell you Parenting Time and Legal Decision-making plans are originally created to meet the immediate needs of the child(ren) and parents. The Child Custody Lawyers with Christiansen Law, PLLC know that as time progresses, that original parenting plan may need to grow and adapt as circumstances change. The Child Custody Attorney with Christiansen Law, PLLC is ready to modify parenting plans as children get older, one parent moves away, to accommodate children’s extra-curricular activities, and as a result of changes to a parent’s availability. Parents hire Child Custody Lawyers because Parenting Plans are not one size fits all. As such, changes may need to be made to best meet the needs of the children. At these times, a Child Custody Attorney or Child Custody Lawyer is necessary to help you meet your families changing structure. Christiansen Law, PLLC’s Family Law Attorney Flagstaff have worked diligently in the Flagstaff and Northern Arizona communities to help changing families modify their Parenting Plans to best meet their needs.

Christiansen Law PLLC’s Family Law Attorney is ready and willing to help with your child custody needs. In Arizona, filing a Petition to establish or modify parenting time is often not enough to begin an action to change your current parenting structure. A Christiansen Law, PLLC Child Custody Attorney will tell you that in order to modify parenting time in Arizona you must show that a change in circumstances has occurred that requires the proposed change to the parenting time plan. A Family Law Lawyer or Child Custody Lawyer with Christiansen Law, PLLC will listen to you and help you determine whether you meet the requirement of changed circumstances. Family Law Lawyer Flagstaff, Christopher Christiansen with Christiansen Law, PLLC has spent the past seven years handling parenting time establishment and parenting time modification matters. In that time, Christopher Christiansen with Christiansen Law, PLLC has become an experienced Child Custody Lawer and is prepared to help you with the ins and outs of the establishment or modification process.


The Family Law Attorney at Christiansen Law, PLLC utilize the Arizona predetermined guidelines to define child support amounts for establishment and modifications. Arizona Law provides that the amount of child support is relative to the actual amount of time spent with the children and the amount of income each parent earns. The Family Law Lawyer at Christiansen Law, PLLC navigates the formulas established by the Arizona Supreme Court to determine the child support you or your spouse owes. Christiansen Law, PLLC’s Family Law Attorney Flagstaff is experienced in uncovering hidden income and assets when there are issues surrounding rental income, self-employment, commission, bonuses and other types of income. Additionally, Christiansen Law, PLLC’s Family Law Lawyer Flagstaff is experienced with child support issues and can address child support enforcement or contempt issues within Northern Arizona. Family Law Attorney Flagstaff AZ, Christopher L. Christiansen is ready to talk through your child support questions and determine the amount of child support that you do or do not owe. If you are ready or need to address child support contact Family Law Attorney Flagstaff AZ, Christoher L Christiansen with Christiansen Law, PLLC to set up an appointment.

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Family Law Attorney, Christopher Christiansen with Christiansen Law, PLLC also brings families together. Whether you are bringing in a new family member or adopting a stepchild, the legal process can be confusing and tedious and a Family Law Lawyer can help. Family Law Attorney Flagstaff AZ, Christopher Christiansen with Christiansen Law, PLLC welcomes the joyous challenge and works diligently to make the process a smooth transition into your new family. Adoption is a wonderful experience for all who participate and Family Law Attorney Flagstaff Christopher Christiansen with Christiansen Law PLLC loves being able to help families unite. During his career Family Law Lawyer Flagstaff, Christopher Christiansen has handled many adoptions and is ready and prepared to help with yours; contact Christiansen Law, PLLC to set up a consult.


Even though you do not need a divorce lawyer to file for divorce, the divorce process can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. You need a helping hand to ensure the process does not overwhelm you or put your life on hold. At Christiansen Law, we are committed to making your experience inexpensive and less stressful. Contact our experienced and skilled Arizona FLagstaff Child Custody lawyer to learn more about our services.

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